MMG Issue 117: Sho’nuff With Sanford Greene

Your intrepid trio invite Marvel artist Sanford Greene into the above-ground-under-water-volcano-lair this week to talk about his work and his time on one of Marvels newest books, Power Man and Iron Fist. They get the story of how he got on the book and the way that the creative team works together to give the book its unique flavor. He also shares who’s idea it was to put Luke Cage in a suit. From there he shares some of his early and modern day influences. Mike, Kylan, and Eric let the questions fly and Sanford answers all(well, almost all) in an easygoing manner that makes the interview flow effortlessly.

This week Eric chose the Marvel Unlimited Book of the week, Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 (1972). Sanford’s guest pick was Secret Wars(1984-1985). The guys then , as always, take us to the comic shop for their Picks of the Week!!

Gwenpool #0

True Believers: Droids #1

Howard the Duck #7

True Believers: Star Wars Classic #1

Daredevil/Punisher #1

Deadpool #1

Black Panther #2

Black Widow #3

Captain America: Sam Wilson #9

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