MMG Issue 120: Upfront Finales

Hey Marvelites! Your Intrepid Trio, who is a duo this week as Kylan got lost while out testing the Hover Mircobus, has more Marvel goodness for you!! They begin with a recap of Episode 21 “Absolution” and Epsidoe 22 “Ascension”. It is the season finale in which we find out which agent dies or as Mike and Eric put it, where’s the necklace. The guys get into Chloe Bennet’s comments about how Marvel Doesn’t Care Enough About Its Own TV Show. Eric then talks about the Squadron Supreme Easter egg and what it could mean. And Eric has an interesting fact Natalie Portman will not be in Thor: Ragnarok. Mike breaks the news of the latest to be cast in the next Thor installment. Ther guys also discuss the upfronts and what shows are coming to Netflix. The folks at Marvel Studios must be listening because the guys are on point again with the Netfilx offerings.

Eric brings the Marvel Unlimited book of the week with a choice that was inspired by the film Captain America: Civil War, Civil War #1 (2006). The guys, with Kylan prerecording his the Jarvis, then head to the comic shop for the POW(Picks of the Week)!

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1

Star Wars #19

Drax #7

Deadpool #12

Starbrand & Nightmask #6

Red Wolf #6

Captain Marvel #5

Daredevil #7

Doctor Strange #8

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