MMG Issue 121: #WeGotSnickers

What a week it has been, Marvelites!! Your Intrepid Trio is back in full force, with some help from Duce from The Happy Hour Podcast ( and Vern from DC Super Powers Podcast ( This issue starts with what heroes would we like to see in the next season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We go from U.S. Agent all the way to special appearances by The Avengers. From there we speculate again as to who the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. is, taking into account the events in Captain America: Steve Rogers #1. The conversation then goes into the future of Marvel’s Television Universe, why there isn’t any real crossover, and one of the alleged reasons for the recent cancellations and discontinuing of Marvel properties over at ABC. The show then turns to the topic of the week, Captain America: Steve Rogers #1. You have never seen the guys get so heated. This conversation digs all the way back to Cap’s origins and the historical significance up to today and his place in the fabric of America’s culture. Mike provides and interesting, and much needed, perspective as a Jewish fan and his take on some of the claims against the book.

Duce had much to contribute, including how this could possibly affect comic sales and future movie performances. Vern, speaking as a long time fan, shared how the book not only hurt him as a reader and fan, it made him question if he would even continue to follow the book, based on how the story arc plays out. Kylan and Eric had plenty to share as fans with long histories with Cap, both highly disappointed not only by the final page in the book, but by some of his actions through the book, as well. As the round table discussion began to wind down, Mike asked Johnny and Vern to stick around to comment of the Picks of the Week!!

Marvel Unlimited Pick of the Week

Marvel Knights #1 (2000)


NCBD Picks for June 1st:

Han Solo #1

Howard the Duck #8

Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble: Civil War #4

Spider-Man_2099 #11

The Punisher #2

Deadpool #13

A-Force #6

Old Man Logan #7

Moon Knight #3




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