Mighty Marvel Geeks 130: The Amalgam Rebirth NOW Special

Fresh from San Diego Comic Con 2016, Mighty Marvel Geeks teams up with Ken and Vern from the DC Superpowers Podcast to bring you the Amalgam Issue!! Mike and Kylan are without Eric this week, but they handle having guest from the Distinguished Competition with style and grace! The show kicks off with a discussion about what did Marvel and DC bring from the television side that had the biggest impact. From the Marvel side there was talk about the gains that come with the later hour as well as the added classic Marvel character to the series. From the DC side, there was talk about how Flashpoint will affect the CW shows as a whole, as well as what it will mean to have certain characters who will be present all across their shared universe.

From there, conversation switched to the big reveal of who has been cast to play Captain Marvel as well as the quality of the Justice League and Wonder Woman trailers. This, of course lead to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and the mystery that is Thor: Ragnarok. Ken and Vern then discussed the trailers for the animated features Justice League Dark, Teen Titans: Judas Contract, and Batman & Harley Quinn. Mike jumped in with some late breaking news and Kylan closed the new segment with casting updates for Black Panther. With that everyone packed up and took it to the comic shop for this week’s P.O.W.(Picks of the Week)!

Han Solo #3

Marvel Tsum Tsum #1

Daredevil Annual 2016 #1

Vote Loki #3

DC Comic’s Bombshells #16

Superman #4

Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1

Green Arrow #4

Marvel Unlimited

Shadowland #1 2010


Action Comics #1   1938

Sensation Comics #1

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