Mighty Marvel Geeks 133: Woot, Woot, Baby Groot!

Hey there loyal listener!! Woot, woot, baby Groot! The Intrepid Trio has gathered again for their weekly Marvel Intelligence Debrief!! Agent Mike starts us off with the debunking of one rumor and knocking us over the head with some crazy news involving a Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster!! From there, Agent Kylan brings news from the streaming world about the new Runaways series on Hulu. Agent Eric weighs in with his unique perspective on both stories, bring up some valid points that could make you see these stories in a different light. Then, Mike turns it to the comic realm with a story about all of the variants being produced for the Star Wars: Darth Vader series finale. Between that and his news piece about Squirrel Girl’s graphic novel, we may all need to save up for next month’s haul!! Kylan, Mike, and Eric then wrapped up the news with an article about Disney Channel star Zendaya being cast as Mary Jane Watson!!

From there it is time for the Picks Of the Week(P.O.W.) and the Marvel Unlimited Pick Of the Week, too!!



Drax #10

Star Wars #22

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #11

Marvel’s Doctor Strange Prelude #2

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #10

Deadpool #17

Captain America: Steve Rogers #4

Nighthawk #4

Captain Marvel #8


Marvel Unlimited

Defenders #1(2011)

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