Mighty Marvel Geeks 134: Coming Home

Greetings, True Believers!! The Intrepid Trio has gathered once again to bring you the marvelous Marvel news that you crave!! Kylan kicks off this week’s news segment with an interesting piece about what to expect from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. when it returns from its Summer hiatus. It seems like “edgier” is the word of the day!! From there, Mike shares a story about how the Russo Brothers have confirmed that Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America in the MCU. Eric and Kylan then join in, speculating on which Steve Rogers persona we will see when he returns to the big screen? Along with that…who is the new Captain America? The talk then turned to the extra features we’ll see on the Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. An eye opening discussion about bonus material took place that will surprise you! Eric then follows up with an interesting article about Mark Mothersbaugh being tapped to score Thor: Ragnarok. This is a decision that the guys unanimously agree upon! From there Mike brought up a discussion about the leaked Spider-man: Homecoming trailer. Seriously, listen to the knowledge bomb that Eric drops on everyone. Coupled with the trailer, it will change your expectations for this film. Mike then gives a quick mention about the character list for the upcoming New Mutants movie. Then same as always, the fellows head out for their (P.O.W.)Picks Of the Week! Oh, and the Marvel Unlimited pick,too!! It’s like we’re coming home.



Howard the Duck #10

Darth Vader #25

Han Solo #3

Rocket Raccoon & Groot #8

Spider-Man 2099 #14

Nova #10

Civil War II: Choosing Sides #5

Thunderbolts #4

Hyperion #6


Marvel Unlimited pick of the week

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos Vol 1 #1

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