Mighty Marvel Geeks 139: That Netflix Stuff

After fending off attacks from Hydra, as well as a full blown hurricane, your Intrepid Trio is back with more news than J. Jonah could shake a fist at! Starting right out of the gate with talk about Marvel’s latest success, Luke Cage. From the characters to the music and to the detractors, we talk about it all!! And you know, if Luke Cage is around, Iron Fist can’t be far behind. Courtesy of NYCC we got a teaser trailer and date worth talking about. Is that enough Marvel/Netflix talk for ya? I hope not because Mike comes at us with casting news about the upcoming Punisher series! And, with just a little more to give, Kylan jumps in with an article about Sigourney Weaver being cast as a villain in Marvel’s The Defenders. Now, you’d think that would be enough, but Eric finishes it off with an interesting quote from Jeph Loeb that could tie Netflix to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. From there we go into a bit of an in depth discussion about the new Director and what we could see as the season progresses. Eric then takes us into the animated world and the return of a much loved character. Mike then wraps up the news segment with an article about the new Spider-Man series and why he appeared in the corner boxes in some of the books back in the ‘80’s. Then, we load up and head to the comic shop for our (POW) Picks Of the Week!!



Han Solo #4

Gwenpool #7

Darth Vader #25

Howard the Duck #11

Deadpool #20

Spider-Man/Deadpool #10

Deadpool Too Soon #1

Power Man and Iron Fist #9

Great Lakes Avengers #1

Daredevil #12


Marvel Unlimited POW-Daughters of the Dragon: Deadly Hands (2005)

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