Mighty Marvel Geeks 152: Knit 1, Pearl 2, Trigger 3

Together again at full strength and bring you the latest Marvel news are Mike, Kylan, and Eric, your Intrepid Trio! There were some big stories this week and they guys hit the ground running!! Dan Buckley was announced as the new President of Marvel Entertainment Eric points out that Dan is a familiar name for Marvel fans and it is good to see him get this promotion. Along with a new President, we also were treated to a new red band trailer for Logan. The guys all agree that this is looking like the Wolverine movie that we have always wanted. Staying in the movie world, Kylan presents a story about Peter Dinklage possibly being in talks to have a “major role” Avengers: Infinity War. Right now it is just talk, but there are a few possibilities of roles that he could play in the MCU. From there, Mike looks at the possible leak within S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Has hit the ground running since it’s return from the holiday hiatus, and they are not pulling any punches. Kylan then shares news of a new ongoing Black Panther series called Black Panther and the Crew. This will be the 3rd BP title and the concept alone is pretty interesting. Eric then wraps up the news segment with a somewhat biased story about the decrease in Marvel sales towrd the end of last year. Mike and Kylan weigh in on the matter, too. From there thay run to the comic shop for their (P.O.W.) Picks Of the Week. Mike has the Marvel Unlimited P.O.W.



Star Wars #27

Star Wars Legends Epic Collection Newspaper Strips Vol 1 TP

Thunderbolts #9

Hulk #2

Moon Girl_and Devil Dinosaur #15

Doctor Strange #16

Daredevil #16

The Punisher #8

Ghost Rider #3


Marvel Unlimited Pick

Tales to Astonish #64 (Feb 10, 1965)

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