Mighty Marvel Geeks 157: Action Figures And Fireworks

Guess what? It is time, once again, for your direct download of all news Marvel, your latest issue of Mighty Marvel Geeks, with the Intrepid Trio back at full force!! The show hits the ground running again with Mike going off about Marvel and the way they handle their Action Figure Variants! If you were here last week, you already know how hot he got over the subject, only to have the final story of last week’s show to rile him up again. This time, Eric is in on it too…watch the fireworks!! Mike then continued with season one, episode three of FX’s Legion. This is the best non feature XMen feature out there!! From there, Eric presents and article about the casting of “Blink” in the upcoming unnamed XMen series for Fox. There’s not a lot out there, but we’ll share as it comes! Kylan then follows up with a story about some casting news for the Inhumans that will certainly bode well for the series! Eric then thrills us with a surprising story about Fox’s hopes for a good Fantastic Four movie….we’ll see about that! And Kylan has the please of resurrecting Fox’s hope for a Gambit movie with his FAVORITE actor…yep!! Channing Tatum!! Then, Mike closes out the news with this month’s list of cancelled titles. The guys the head to the comic shop for their Picks of the Week.

Star-Wars #29

Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude #1

Slapstick (2016-) #4

Doctor-Strange #18

Monsters-Unleashed #4 of 5

Totally Awesome Hulk #1 Monsters Unleashed

Hawkeye #4

Bullseye #2

Moon Knight #12

Marvel Unlimited Pick of the Week

Marvel Feature #1 The Defenders (Dec 1971)



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