Mighty Marvel Geeks 169: MAoS-Season 4 Roundtable Roundup

The Intrepid Trio are all present and accounted for, but they also have brought in a visitor to the Above-Ground-Underwater-Sub-Orbital-Volcano-Lair, Aaron from Dis Dads Podcast! This issue is kinds special because it is our round table discussion about Season 4 of  Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We leave it all out there for you guys to listen, take in, consider, and comment on, if you like. We start with the initial promotions for the new season and take it to what we’d hope to see for season 5. The Trio also proudly admit to being wrong about this being the last season for the show, although we do not the shenanigans with the new scheduling. We talk about the introduction of “pods” into the season and what worked and what didn’t on that front. It is safe to say that We’re all excited to be getting another season, regardless of how delayed it is going to be. This issue does have a backstory and that is where you will find the Picks of the Week and mike’s Marvel Unlimited Pick!

Daredevil #21

All New Guardians of the Galaxy #3

Ultimate Spiderman vs The Sinister 6 #10

Star Wars: Rogue One Adaptation (2017) #3 (of 6)

Star Wars Vol. 2:TP

Rocket (2017-) #2

Darth Vader #1

Nova (2016-) #7

Color Your Own Spider-Man TP (what??? I’m a former colorist…)

Captain America Steve Rogers #16

Iron Fist #4

Avengers #8

Marvel Unlimited Pick

Star Wars : Jedi – Count Dooku (2003)

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