Mighty Marvel Geeks


Mighty Marvel Geeks is a weekly podcast about all things Marvel. It is broadcast from a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base in the above-ground, underwater, sub-orbital volcano lair and hosted by the Intrepid Trio, Agent Mike, Agent Kylan, and Agent Eric. Every week they gather information high and low and bring it to you, Marvel’s True Believers! They cover everything from comics to cinema, games to collectibles, and everything in between. An additional feature with each issue (yes, we do not have episodes, we have issues… listen and you’ll understand why) is the Mighty Marvel Geeks P.O.W. (Pick Of the Week). That is where each host picks 3 Marvel titles being released that week as their best picks of the week, then one of the agents will have their pick from the Marvel Unlimited App. That gives you 10 marvel titles to choose from! You know, just in case you’re on the bubble about a certain title, maybe we can help you decide which way to go.


Remember how I said this is a podcast about all things Marvel? How about the guests? Mighty Marvel Geeks regularly interviews people directly involved with Marvel. The show has featured Marvel writers, artists, and editors, as well as other behind the scenes personnel. They have come from the past and the present, all giving their unique perspective into what it is like to work for Marvel and the stories behind what is between the pages of your favorite titles. The show also features “Team Up” issues with other podcasts to provide a different perspective on what is going on in the comics industry. These may happen in conjunction with major conventions or with notable Marvel events. Either way, you are guaranteed to not have a dull moment when you’re tuned in to Mighty Marvel Geeks.

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