Marvel Madness: Oct 8,2017 – Fantastic Four #348 (February 1991)

With a lot going on in the showand Mike getting back to reality, we forgot the MU pick of the week in show. But we still have it here for you . Kylan brings us Fantastic Four #348 (Feb 1991).

Published: February 28, 1991
Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007
Writer: Walter Simonson
Penciller: Gracine Tanaka, Art Adams
Cover Artist: Art Adams

The new Fantastic Four’s investigation has taken them all the way to Monster Island, home of the dreaded Mole Man. Will they find out the truth about the slain FF…or another set of secrets entirely?

Synopsis for “Where Monsters Dwell! (Or Is It… Where Creatures Roam?)”

Tricked into thinking the Fantastic Four have been murdered, Spider-Man, Wolverine, the Hulk, and Ghost Rider have been gathered by the Skrull renegade De’Lila (disguised as Susan Richards) and sent on a mission to collect the item she is searching for, under the false pretense that they are seeking out the Fantastic Four’s “killers”.

Going over how “Sue” had shown them the “dead bodies” of the Fantastic Four, the so-called New Fantastic Four race off in a rocket cycle using a tracking device that will allow them to find what they think is their intended target. As they speed off, De’Lila — still disguised as Sue Richards — begins the next phase in her plan. She begins looking into the Fantastic Four’s database on the Skrulls to see if there is any reference to the device she is looking for. With little time and her ability to navigate Reed’s devices being limited, De’Lila decides to use his family as hostages in order to force him to do her bidding. (More)


Continuity Notes
The woman who appears to be Alicia Masters in this story is secretly the Skrull spy Lyja as revealed in Fantastic Four #358. She replaced the real Alicia circa Fantastic Four #265 to spy on the Fantastic Four.
After it’s appearance here Skreeal is not seen until Silver Surfer/Warlock: Resurrection #1.
The Fantastic Four’s robotic receptionist Roberta was last seen in Power Pack #57.

Continuity Errors
This story states that Monster Island is located in the Bermuda Triangle. This is not correct, as in Fantastic Four #1 it is stated that Monster Island was located in the South Pacific. However, since everyone had to pass through a strange portal to reach Monster Island from Bermuda, it could be that there is a portal to Monster Island in the Triangle similar to the one that transported Jim Scully and his eventual allies to Earth’s prehistoric past in Skull, the Slayer #1.

Source: Marvel Database

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