P.O.W.!: NCBD For the Week of Oct 25, 2017




Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic-Mace Windu(2017) #3(of 5)


Writer: Owens, Matt
Artist: Cowan, Denys
Cover Artist: Saiz, Jesus
* Mace and his squad’s first mission of the newly begun Clone Wars continues! * What do the Separatists want with the planet of Hissrich? * Can Mace overcome mercenary droid AD-W4 to stop them?

Guardians of the Galaxy: Telltale Games(2017) #4(of 5)
                                                                                                                    Cover Artist: Nakayama, David
Writer: Lente, Fred Van
Artist: Espin, Salva
* The Guardians’ heist to steal Thanos’ greatest treasure from his homeworld, Titan, has completely turned pear-shaped and they’ve been marked for death by the Mad Titan’s millions of psychotic followers! * What more could possibly go wrong? * How about when STAKAR and his crew of RAVAGERS show up to collect the bounty on their heads!


Ben Reiley: Scarlet Spider (2017) #9
Writer: David, Peter
Artist: Sliney, Will
Cover Artist: Bagley, Mark
* There’s a new Hornet in the skies over Las Vegas, but his identity remains a mystery! Who’s pulling his strings, and what’s their connection to the Scarlet Spider? * And will anyone from his past have anything to say about it?

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2015) #24
Writer: Montclare, Brandon
Artist: Bustos, Natacha
Cover Artist: Bustos, Natacha


Punisher Platoon #2 (of 6)
Writer: Ennis, Garth
Artist: Parlov, Goran
By the time the Punisher was born in Vietnam, Frank Castle had already become a dark legend of the battlefield. Stories about him were told in whispers, if at all. Now the legendary Punisher team of Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov (PUNISHER MAX, FURY MAX) brings the first of those stories to light: the tale of Frank Castle’s first command, and his first kill. Don’t miss this epic new series! MAX/Parental Advisory
Thor: Where Walk the Frost Giants #1
Writer: Macchio, Ralph
Artist: Nauck, Todd
When tragedy strikes the kingdom of Asgard, THE MIGHTY THOR soars into action! Wielding the thundering hammer
Mjolnir, Thor sets off for the land where the Frost Giants dwell-frozen Nifleheim-in a matter of life and death for Asgard. But if YMIR has his way, the only thing awaiting Thor will be a frozen grave! Don’t miss this ALL-NEW tale featuring the original God of Thunder! Also featuring a special presentation of the historic battle between Thor and the Incredible HULK from Journey Into Mystery #112!
Black Panther #166 Leg

Writer: Coates, Ta-Nehisi
Artist: Kirk, Leonard
Cover Artist: Stelfreeze, Brian
KLAW STANDS SUPREME Part 1 Black Panther’s greatest foe has returned – Ulysses Klaw is back and ready for war! Can T’Challa defeat the man who killed his father all while his country struggles to its feet? And as war looms, Wakanda’s gods have disappeared. Enter the Originators! The former gods are back – but what are their intentions for a land that has forgotten them? PLUS: Includes 3 bonus MARVEL PRIMER PAGES! Story by Robbie Thompson and a TBA artist!


                                                                                                                                                          Daredevil (2015) #28
Writer: Soule, Charles
Artist: Garney, Ron
Cover Artist: Deodato, Mike
THE EPIC CONCLUSION TO ‘LAND OF THE BLIND!’ * It’s devil vs. devil, as DAREDEVIL battles THE BEAST, demonic source of power for the Hand clan – winner takes soul! * Also: The next phase of DAREDEVIL’s story begins here, with the payoff to over two years of storytelling. The last page will rock the Marvel Universe!
Now Us Avengers #11 Leg

Writer: Ewing, Al
Artist: Diaz, Paco
Cover Artist: Nakayama, David
CANNONBALL RUN Part 1 The U.S. Avengers have a new mission-to find their missing teammate! Squirrel Girl, Red Hulk, Iron Patriot, and more head into outer space to find Cannonball! The search leads them to strangest planet of all…Glenbrook, U.S.A.! Home – and fiefdom – of Ritchie Redwood, America’s best loved teen! What shocking events will lead the U.S. Avengers to uncover the secrets of the seemingly idyllic planet of Glenbrook whose teenagers keep disappearing? And how will this lead them to Cannonball? PLUS: Includes 3 bonus MARVEL PRIMER PAGES! Story by Robbie Thompson and a TBA artist!
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