P.O.W.!: NCBD For the Week of Nov 1, 2017




Vader (2017) #7

Writer: Soule, Charles
Artist: Camuncoli, Giuseppe
Cover Artist: Mattina, Francesco

LEGACY’S END BEGINS! As Vader takes his place in command of the Emperor’s secret Inquisitorius Program, he sets his sights on one of the most dangerous Jedi remaining alive






Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man (2017) #6

Writer: Zdarsky, Chip
Artist: Parlov, Goran
Cover Artist: Siqueira, Paulo
* J. Jonah Jameson’s got the scoop of the century – a once-in-a-lifetime interview with the menace of Manhattan
Avengers by Bendis Complete Collection Vol 3 TPB
Writer: Bendis, Brian Michael
Artist: Peterson, Brandon
Cover Artist: Bagley, Mark


The spectacular conclusion of Brian Michael Bendis’ Avengers era – featuring the X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy! When the cosmic Phoenix Force threatens the planet, it’s up to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to stop it – but Cyclops and his mutant team have a different plan. This means war! When the dust settles on the devast
ating conflict, Tony Stark intercepts a signal that may lead the Avengers into the arms of one of their dearest friends – or their greatest enemies! Plus: An all-star roster assembles alongside the Guardians for a blockbuster showdown with Thanos! The Vision returns! And young hero Nova gets some expert advice on how best to use his newfound powers! Collecting AVENGERS (2010) #24.1 and #25-34, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE (2012) #1-8, AVENGERS: HEROES WELCOME and material from AVX: VS #6.L
Fantastic Four: Once and Future Kings #4(of 5)
Writer: Priest, Christopher
Artist: Noto, Phil
Cover Artist: Bradshaw, Nick
WHATEVER A SPIDER CAN! * The young Inhumans are on the run from a deadly assassin – your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! * Telling friend from foe is getting trickier, especially with the Wizard at their side! * And another far more dangerous foe is loose in the streets of New York. The Seeker comes for his revenge! * While the Royals run from the wrath of Attilan, Karnak races to save his brother. But has he underestimated the dangers of the city – and the powers of the Seeker? * Plus: The continuing adventures of Lockjaw, as told by UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL writer Ryan North and artist Gustavo Duarte!
Power Pack #63 Leg
Writer: Grayson, Devin
Artist: Cresta, Marika,
Cover Artist: McKone, Mike
WHERE IS POWER PACK? Part 1 (OF 1) In a twist of fate, four children gained incredible powers. And in a universe full of war-hungry aliens and terrorizing gangsters, they would need them. Thus Power Pack was born! But when an enemy from the past rears its head again, the youngest Power finds herself in a body-snatching nightmare! Big brother Alex better come around – or Katie is toast! A never-before-told adventure comes to light as Katie Power revisits family history! Rated T+
Guardians of the Galaxy #146 Leg
Writer: Duggan, Gerry

Artist: To, Marcus
Cover Artist: Kuder, Aaron
THE INFINITY QUEST Part 1 THE GUARDIANS’ HUNT FOR THE INFINITY STONES BEGINS! Their first stop? Joining up with the Nova Corps, of course! Join the Guardians as they all take up golden helmets in the quest to keep the universe safe! Nuff said! PLUS: Includes 3 bonus MARVEL PRIMER PAGES!
Captain America #695 Leg
Writer: Waid, Mark
Artist: Samnee, Chris
Cover Artist: Samnee, Chris
HOME OF THE BRAVE Part 1 HOME OF THE BRAVE begins – and Steve Rogers is back in action in the red-white-and-blue! Steve begins a journey across America to restore his tarnished reputation – and the dangers he encounters along the way are unlike any he’s faced before! PLUS: Includes 3 bonus MARVEL PRIMER PAGES!
Iron Fist(2017) #74 Leg
Writer: Brisson, Ed
Artist: Perkins, Mike
Cover Artist: Dekal, Jeff
SABRETOOTH ROUND TWO Part 2 * SABRETOOTH’S grudging alliance with IRON FIST takes the duo on a butt-kicking spree as they try to locate the Book of the Iron Fist and its mysterious thief. * Meanwhile, CHOSHIN’s plan moves into phase 2
Iceman (2017) #7 Leg
Writer: Grace, Sina
Artist: Gill, Robert
Cover Artist: Wada, Kevin
CHAMPIONS REASSEMBLED Part 2 * The original Champions have re-assembled! * Will they be enough to protect Los Angeles from a swarm of rogue, haywire Sentinels? * Even in L.A., all eyes are on Bobby – how will he fare as a leader?


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