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Star Wars (2015-) #39

Writer: Gillen, Kieron
Artist: Larroca, Salvador
Cover Artist: Marquez, David
THE ASHES OF JEDHA! The Rebel Alliance turns its attention to the shattered planet of Jedha! Once the site of great significance to the Jedi, Jedha was left in ruins when the Death Star annihilated the Holy City there. Now, new series writer Kieron Gillen joins artist Salvador Larroca to bring Luke, Leia, Han, and the rest to the remains of the tragic victim of the Empire’s fury
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again (2017) TP
Writer: Bunn, CullenArtist: Talajic, Dakbor
Cover Artist: Johnson, Dave
Remember the time Deadpool went a little too crazy and killed the entire Marvel Universe? Well, this isn’t that. This is another time. Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Dalibor Talajic – the creators behind the original slaughterfest – reunite for an all-new, all-different tale of death and destruction starring the Merc with a Mouth! And it features Wade Wilson taking out all of your faves in the most horrific ways possible! Including Gwenpool! Moon Knight! Ms. Marvel! The Guardians of the Galaxy! Even Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur! It’s gonna hurt him more than it hurts you – and you’re gonna love it! But we just dare you to guess how this story ends. One thing’s for sure, though – you won’t believe your eyes when Deadpool kills the entire Marvel Universe
Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016-) #24 Leg
Writer: Thompson, Robbie

Artist: Bachalo, Chris
Cover Artist: Bachalo, Chris
SPIDER-MAN VERSUS DEADPOOL Part 2 When Spider-Man learns that Deadpool is selling SHIELD tech on the black market it’s the last straw. Bromance? OVER. It’s time to hunt Deadpool! The two biggest characters in comics are facing off and it’s going to take them all over the Marvel Universe, no holds barred. As you can see from this cover, Deadpool’s even willing to use his laser-sharks. And it will all lead to the biggest Spider-Man/Deadpool story of ALL TIME!
I Am Groot (2017-) TP

Writer: Hastings, Christopher

Artist: Flaviano,
Cover Artist: D’Alfonso, Marco
Groot is back – smaller and cuter than ever! When the Guardians of the Galaxy get caught in a wormhole, a pint-sized Groot finds himself on his own, billions of light-years away from his team, on an unknown world. Seriously underdeveloped and all alone, Groot must make the journey to the center of this world if he’s to find a way back to his family! And the first tiny step is finding someone – anyone! – who can translate ‘I am Groot.’ This isn’t gonna be easy
Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Lord Sith Vol 1: Imperial Machine TP
Writer: Soule, Charles

Artist: Camuncoli, Giuseppe
Cover Artist: Cheung, Jim
The most fearsome villain of all time returns with a brand-new series! Picking up where Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith ends, follow Darth Vader as he receives his legendary red lightsaber and begins his ruthless rise! Anakin Skywalker is now more machine than man. Having lost everything once dear to him, he must forge a new future – as a Dark Lord of the Sith! Join Darth Vader as he learns the way of Darth Sidious and his newly formed Empire – the way of the dark side. And on his first mission, Vader sets his sights on a Jedi who avoided Order 66, a Master who’s long lived in seclusion – one more powerful than any he has faced before! Nobody said the path to power was going to be easy. Collecting DARTH VADER (2017) #1-6
Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme (2016-) Vol 2: Time After Time
Writer: Thompson, Robbie
Artist: Rodriguez, Javier
Cover Artist: Rodriguez, Javier

Marvel’s craziest comic gets even more mind-bending! Betrayed by one of their own, Doctor Strange and the

┬áSorcerers Supreme are banished to a dark dimension where everything is out to kill them! And you’re trapped with them! Can you and the Sorcerers escape this mazelike madness? Meanwhile, the gravity of Sir Isaac Newton’s actions reverberates in the present day – and puts him on a collision course with the Avengers! With Newton’s current power level, they don’t stand a chance. So it’s up to Strange and the gang to stop him from sending the world – and all of their own individual timelines – into chaos. One of the Sorcerers finds their life in the balance – and that puts the others through hell! When all is said and done, not everyone will make it home. Collecting DOCTOR STRANGE AND THE SORCERERS SUPREME #7-12

Black Panther (2016-) #167
Writer: Coates, Ta-Nehisi

Artist: Kirk, Leonard
Cover Artist: Stelfreeze, Brian
KLAW STANDS SUPREME Part 2 * The Black Panther’s greatest enemy springs his trap! And with T’Challa off fighting the former gods of Wakanda, who will come to Ayo and Aneka’s aid? * And this is only the beginning. A cadre of villains returns as Wakanda comes to its knees!


Luke Cage (2017-) #167
Writer: Walker, David
Artist: Sanna, Guillermo
Cover Artist: Rahzzah,
CAGED Part 2 * Luke Cage is back in the one place he never wanted to be. * With his mind mangled, Luke grasps for any foothold he can find. Which is hard, as
Nick Fury Vol 1: Deep Cover Papers

Writer: Robinson, James
Artist: Aco,
Cover Artist: Aco,
His nam
e is Fury. Nick Fury. The world is a dangerous place – and when S.H.I.E.L.D. needs a lone agent to infiltrate, capture and remain anonymous, there’s no one better than him. Now, an all-new era for the super spy begins as Fury embarks on a top-secret mission to the French Riviera – but will he meet his match in the mysterious Frankie Noble? Fury plays the spy game in caper after caper – preventing an assassination on the maiden voyage of a new international train line, diving into the deep blue sea to uncover a Hydra spy in Atlantis and vacationing in a sleepy little town
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