Marvel Madness: Dec 18, 2017 – New Mutants Graphic Novel #4 (1982)

Published: September 07, 1982
Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007
Writers: Chris Claremont
Pencilers: Bob McLeod
Inkers: Bob McLeod
Colorists: Glynis Wein
Letterers: Tom Orzechowski

Synopsis for “Renewal”
Various mutants around the world discover that they have extraordinary powers. After going to Professor Xavier for help, these mutants must go up against the Hellfire Club’s Donald Pierce, who has recruited Cannonball and captured Professor X. Having saved Xavier from Pierce, the mutants, along with the defecting Cannonball, are given uniforms by Xavier and designated the New Mutants.

Karma last appeared in Marvel Team-Up #100.

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