P.O.W.!! NCBD for the week of Dec 20, 2017



Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #298

Writer: Chip Zdarsky


Artist: Adam Kubert

Most Wanted Part 2
As if the police being after Peter and his sister Teresa weren’t enough, BLACK PANTHER IS ON THEIR TRAIL!
Is he out to secure the Twilight Protocol information or just secure it for himself?
Either way, Spider-Man’s not giving up his sister without a fight!




Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #15

Writer: Si Spurrier


Artist: Emilio Laiso

Cover Artist: Ashley Witter

Rogue archaeologist Doctor Aphra may be in over her head…
…but at least she’s not alone!
Er…let’s hope they’re friendly!






Star Wars: Poe Dameron

Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Angel Unzueta


Cover Artist: Phil Noto

Black Squadron and General Organa have teamed together for an extra-top-secret mission…
…and it’s up to them to rescue Lor San Tekka!
Meanwhile, what’s Suralinda got up her sleeves?



All New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: Riders in the Sky TP

Writer: Duggan, Gerry
Artist: Irving, Frazer
Cover Artist: Mattina, Francesco
Catch up with your favorite Guardians as they share the galactic spotlight! Gamora – the most danger
ous person in the galaxy – is hiding something. What is her secret quest? Star-Lord sails the galaxy’s radio waves, keeping up with the one piece of home he could never leave behind! Discover the reason behind Drax the former Destroyer’s vow of peace! Learn what happened to Groot that caused him to revert to a tiny shrub – and why Rocket thinks it’s all his fault! Plus: Meet the members of the resurgent Nova Corps as they come into desperate conflict with the shadowy Fraternity of Raptors! And as the Guardians return to Earth in the aftermath of SECRET EMPIRE, who will join them as their newest member? Collecting ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #3, #5, #7, #9 and #11-12
Monsters Unleashed (2017-) TP
Writer: Bunn, Cullen
Artist: McNiven, Steve
Cover Artist: McNiven, Steve
With monsters on the prowl and creatures on the loose, it’s all hands on deck across the Marvel Universe to deal with the giant-size fallout! But what are these Leviathons that have been unleashed across the Earth? Who controls them? And can even the combined forces of the Avengers, Champions, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men and Inhumans stop them before they trample everything into dust?! Amidst this chaos, a puzzle appears – and Elsa Bloodstone is just the person to pick up the pieces. Will she find the answer – or hasten the apocalypse?! And what does this all have to do with young Kei Kawade? Marvel’s mightiest monsters are unleashed in an event so big it redefines the word! Collecting MONSTERS UNLEASHED (2017A) #1-5
Deadpool Classic Vol 20: Ultimate Deadpool TP
Writer: Bendis, Brian Michael
Artist: Bagley, Mark
Cover Artist: Bagley, Mark
Meet the Deadpool of the Ultimate Universe – and a few other multiversal mercs for good measure! When Ultimate Spider-Man visits the X-Mansion, he finds it’s been taken over by his world’s Wadey Wilson and the Reavers! Will other realities have more delightful Deadpools? Find out in a tour across dimensions that showcases animat
ed Deadpool, MC2 Deadpool, samurai Deadpool and more! The universe-hopping Exiles meet the dangerous Deadpool of Weapon X and Battleworld hosts the Deadpool of 1872! But who is the Deadpool of Counter-Earth? And what happens when the Venom symbiote possesses Deadpool?! Collecting ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN (2000) #91-94; HEROES REBORN: REMNANTS; EXILES (2001) #5-6, #12-13 and #66-68; VENOM/DEADPOOL: WHAT IF?; 5 RONIN #1-5; MARVEL ADVENTURES SUPER HEROES (2010) #4; MARVEL UNIVERSE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN: WEB-WARRIORS #8; and material from J2 #11, SECRET WARS: BATTLEWORLD #3 and SECRET WARS, TOO #1. Parental Advisory

Marvel Two-in- One #1 Leg
Writer: Zdarsky, Chip
Artist: Cheung, Jim
Cover Artist: Cheung, Jim
The Fa
te of the Four Part 1 THE FOUR ARE NO MORE, SO TWO MUST DO! Something is very wrong with THE HUMAN TORCH and only THE THING can help him! It’s the Marvel Universe reunion you’ve all been waiting for (well, HALF of it, at least!). Plus: What monumental secret has DOOM been hiding since the end of SECRET WARS, and how will it completely change the lives of Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm? PLUS: Includes 3 bonus MARVEL PRIMER PAGES!
Hawkeye Vol 2: Masks TP
Writer: Thompson, Kelly
Artist: Romero, LeonardoCover Artist: Tedesco, Julian Totino
Hawkeye finally gets a lead on the top-secret case that brought her to Los Angeles in the first place – but to solve this mystery, Kate Bishop will have to take a good hard look at who she is and where she came from. Is she really ready to face the ghosts of her past? Maybe fixing things for a young client with oddly similar problems will help her fix herself! Probably not, though. At least she’ll get to punch through her frustrations courtesy of the Worst. Fight. Club. Ever. But when her friends get in trouble and need a helping hand from Hawkeye, she always comes through – right? So when she doesn’t, something must be really off. Who is this fake Kate, and what has she done with the real deal? Collecting HAWKEYE (2016) #7-12
Wolverine By Daniel Way Complete Collection Vol 3 TP
Writer: Way, Daniel
Artist: Dillon, Steve
Cover Artist: Land, Greg
Daniel Way continues to explore Wolverine’s origins in action-packed fashion! It starts with Logan’s wartime history with Captain

America and Bucky on a secret mission in Madripoor – and you won’t believe Wolverine’s true agenda! In the present day, Wolverine and Deadpool clash – but who hired the Merc With a Mouth to kill Logan? Then, Professor X is forced to revisit his greatest challenge, and the biggest failure tarnishing his legacy: Wolverine. But the layers of lies hide one last, deadly original sin, which goes back to the founding of the X-Men – and Xavier’s timing couldn’t possibly be worse. Finally, it’s time for family business as Wolverine and Daken take on Cyber! But can Wolverine reform his sadistic son, or will Daken revert to type? Collecting WOLVERINE: ORIGINS #16-32, X-MEN: ORIGINAL SIN, X-MEN: LEGACY (2008) #217-218 and material from WOLVERINE (2003) #73-74. Parental Advisory
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