Marvel Madness : February 5, 2018 – Iron Fist Wolverine #1 (2000)

Kylan brings us the MU pick this week and he presents us Iron Fist Wolverine #1 (2000)

Writers Jay Faerber
Pencilers Jamal Igle
Inkers Rich Perrotta
Colourists Liquid!
Letterers Richard Starkings, Troy Peteri
Editors Bobbie Chase

Synopsis for “The Return of K’un Lun Part 1: Dark Horizon”
Junzo Muto, the young leader of the Hand who now holds the power of the iron fist, plans to bring the city of K’un Lun to earth in the city of Tokyo, but to do this he needs Danny Rand to be there; The Hand captures Misty and Danny follows her to Japan where he meets up with Wolverine; Junzo begins transforming downtown Tokyo into K’un Lin.

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