MMG Issue126: Guardians of Energy

It is the Intrepid Trio minus one on this week’s MMG. Eric is on special assignment…sort of an continuation from last week’s mission. But, never fear, Mike and Kylan have things under control at the Above-Ground-Underwater-Sub-Orbital-Volcano-Lair! Mike comes out of the gate with a story that puts a big question mark on who we might be seeing in this season’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Kylan keeps it with one of our favorite shows as he shares an article asking if AoS sank the possibility of an Inhumans movie. Moving from the small screen to parks, Mike brings a piece about a rumor that More

MMG Issue 125: Synopsi of a Director

The Intrepid Trio is back and in rare form for this issue of MMG. Beginning the show in the MCU, Kylan brings an article, courtesy of www.mcuexchange.com about the updated synopses (synopsi) for Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Keeping it in the cinematic universe, Eric shares an opinion piece that fan casts Captain America: Civil War through the decades from Geeky Tyrant. Mike then moves things to the small screen and Netflix with what was NOT allowed in Marvel’s Jessica Jones. The Comic Book Resources article certainly makes for an interesting and eye opening discussion. Eric then moves in with an answer to the question More

MMG Issue 124: Geriatric Gerbils

With Eric away on a classified mission(geriatric gerbils we think) issued by Director Fury, Mike and Kylan are in the lair giving you the Marvel news of the week!! The show begins with Mike and Kylan talking about the future of ABC, Netflix, and Marvel…especially with the changes to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Mike, then picks up an article about the addition of Donald Glover tp the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming. From there Kylan keeps in the MCU with an article about Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 wrapping up and it’s possible presence at SDCC. Mike then moves things to the small screen with an interesting piece on the Jessica Jones series we did NOT get. He then shoots things over to Kylan and an article about who is on the short list for Netflix’s She Hulk series. Mike then wraps up the television segment with a story about Marvel’s Daredevil star Charlie Cox reaching out and giving back, with some help from Funko!! Kylan closes down the news with some info from E3 and the new Spider-Man game that with be exclusive to the Playstation 4. Mike then takes a moment to recognize the Women of Marvel podcast for hitting their century mark last week!


Mike and Kylan then go to the comic shop for their POWs(Picks of the Week) and the Marvel Unlimited Pick of the Week Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1(2014).


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Adaptation #1

Drax #8

Gwenpool #3

Uncanny Avengers #10

Deadpool vs Gambit #1

Nighthawk #2

Power Man and Iron Fist #5

Civil War II: Choosing Sides #1

MMG Issue 123: Hot Flashes & Heat Exhaustion

Hey there! The Intrepid Trio is back with more Mighty Marvel Geeky Goodness!! The show kicks off with Eric and a story about a Lego tie in for Doctor Strange that just might reveal a major plot point…AGAIN!! Mike the joins in the discussion with news of Marvel and Doctor Strange being present a San Diego Comic Con! Then, Kylan rounds out the Doctor Strange talk with a story about the movies possible, if not probable, horror element. Anyone who is a fan of Doctor Strange knows that this is more than likely probable. Kylan then stays in the horror genre with an article about Norman Reedus being very open to portraying Ghost Rider! Keeping in the MCU, Eric brings us a story about Sharon Stone’s possible role given that she’s revealed that she’ll have “heat powers”. Mike and Kylan join in and comb through the Marvel catalog to figure out who she could possibly be. Mike comes swinging in with a couple of Spidey stories. One involves the announcement of a new cast member for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Also, Mike gives us news of Tom Holland visiting the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 set and we wonder about what that could mean…and mike makes a declaration that you just have to hear for yourself! Kylan brings a story about Brian Michael Bendis’ newest project and Mike gets to straighten things out about the Tiki Room release date and wax nostalgic courtesy of a couple of upcoming issues of Howard the Duck!!

The guys then take it to the comic shop with their P.O.W.(Picks Of the Week) and the Marvel Unlimited Pick of the Week, Incredible Hulk #271 (1982).

Star Wars #20

Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! #7

Han Solo #1 (again)

A Year of Marvels: The Amazing #2

Nova #8

Deadpool #14

Black Panther #3

Civil War II #2

Black Widow #4

MMG Issue 122: Can’t Find Our Tongues

In the aftermath of one the most memorable issues of Mighty Marvel Geeks, the Intrepid Trio return with more Marvel news that you can use! Starting off with what was a breaking story at the time, Mike dives in with a story where Joe Quesada announces the return of Prince Namor to the fold! You know, especially if you listened to last week’s issue, there is a lot to be said. Eric then follows with a story about the female villain in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and a pretty meaty bit on Thor: Ragnarok. Kylan then takes things back a week with Clark Gregg’s and Stan Lee’s reactions to Steve Rogers: Captain America. Mike the takes us back to the MCU with an article about actress Brie Larsen possibly being on the short list to bring Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel to the big screen. The show then makes a happy return to the world of gaming with news regarding exclusive marvel Heroclix!

The show then moves into the comics section with the Marvel Unlimited Book of the Month. This month’s choice was Captain America #337(1988). After Book Club, Mike revealed the June Book of the Month, All New Doop #1(2014). Mike asked us for good, bad, or ugly…we both said ugly and this is what we get! WE the take it to the comic shop for out POW!(Picks of the Week).

Darth Vader #21

Thunderbolts #2

Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #1

Civil War II : Gods of War #1

Deadpool: The Mercs for Money #5

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #6

Star Wars: Poe Dameron #3

Ms Marvel #8

Daredevil #8

MMG Issue 121: #WeGotSnickers

What a week it has been, Marvelites!! Your Intrepid Trio is back in full force, with some help from Duce from The Happy Hour Podcast (https://www.facebook.com/HappyHourPodcastShow) and Vern from DC Super Powers Podcast (https://www.facebook.com/Dcsuperpowerspodcast). This issue starts with what heroes would we like to see in the next season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We go from U.S. Agent all the way to special appearances by The Avengers. From there we speculate again as to who the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. is, taking into account the events in Captain America: Steve Rogers #1. The conversation then goes into the future of Marvel’s Television Universe, why there isn’t any real crossover, and one of the alleged reasons for the recent cancellations and discontinuing of Marvel properties over at ABC. The show then turns to the topic of the week, Captain America: Steve Rogers #1. You have never seen the guys get so heated. This conversation digs all the way back to Cap’s origins and the historical significance up to today and his place in the fabric of America’s culture. Mike provides and interesting, and much needed, perspective as a Jewish fan and his take on some of the claims against the book.

Duce had much to contribute, including how this could possibly affect comic sales and future movie performances. Vern, speaking as a long time fan, shared how the book not only hurt him as a reader and fan, it made him question if he would even continue to follow the book, based on how the story arc plays out. Kylan and Eric had plenty to share as fans with long histories with Cap, both highly disappointed not only by the final page in the book, but by some of his actions through the book, as well. As the round table discussion began to wind down, Mike asked Johnny and Vern to stick around to comment of the Picks of the Week!!

Marvel Unlimited Pick of the Week

Marvel Knights #1 (2000)


NCBD Picks for June 1st:

Han Solo #1

Howard the Duck #8

Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble: Civil War #4

Spider-Man_2099 #11

The Punisher #2

Deadpool #13

A-Force #6

Old Man Logan #7

Moon Knight #3




MMG Issue 120: Upfront Finales

Hey Marvelites! Your Intrepid Trio, who is a duo this week as Kylan got lost while out testing the Hover Mircobus, has more Marvel goodness for you!! They begin with a recap of Episode 21 “Absolution” and Epsidoe 22 “Ascension”. It is the season finale in which we find out which agent dies or as Mike and Eric put it, where’s the necklace. The guys get into Chloe Bennet’s comments about how Marvel Doesn’t Care Enough About Its Own TV Show. Eric then talks about the Squadron Supreme Easter egg and what it could mean. And Eric has an interesting fact Natalie Portman will not be in Thor: Ragnarok. Mike breaks the news of the latest to be cast in the next Thor installment. Ther guys also discuss the upfronts and what shows are coming to Netflix. The folks at Marvel Studios must be listening because the guys are on point again with the Netfilx offerings.

Eric brings the Marvel Unlimited book of the week with a choice that was inspired by the film Captain America: Civil War, Civil War #1 (2006). The guys, with Kylan prerecording his the Jarvis, then head to the comic shop for the POW(Picks of the Week)!

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1

Star Wars #19

Drax #7

Deadpool #12

Starbrand & Nightmask #6

Red Wolf #6

Captain Marvel #5

Daredevil #7

Doctor Strange #8

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MMG Issue 119: Casual Time With Lorraine Cink

The Intrepid Trio is back to full strength this week and they have a special guest to talk all things Marvel, actress, writer and Watcher superhost Lorraine Cink!! The guys ask about her childhood and how did she become a Marvel fan? From there Lorraine shares stories from the red carpet, the main floor of the many conventions she has covered, as well as behind the scenes of her very own shows. She explains how her improv background prepared her for working for Marvel, as well as how she keeps her interviews lively and entertaining. As the conversation moves into cosplay, Lorraine shares her philosophy, her favorite cosplay, and why casual cosplay is so awesome! As always, the talks leads to comics and this guest is no exception! Not only does she gives her Picks of the Week, she also shares her monthly reads, as well!! So, this time, the P.O.W. is 12 TITLES!! Mike picks Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #1 (2005) as the Marvel Unlimited pick of the week

Lorraine Cink’s Monthly Reads

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Black Panther

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat


P.O.W.(Picks of the Week)

Deadpool: Last Days of Magic #1

Civil War II #0

Spider-Woman #7

Uncanny Avengers #9

The Astonishing Ant-Man #8

Haunted Mansion #3

Deadpool and the Mercs for Money #4

Mighty Thor #7

Power Man and Iron Fist #4

Squadron Supreme #7

Doctor Strange #8

MMG Issue 118: Retitled Experiment With Book Club

The intrepid Trio is down a man this week. While Eric has been assigned to the C.O.U.C.H., Mike and Kylan are present to give you the Marvel news of the week. Kylan starts things off with the recap of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 19 “Failed Experiments”. The episode answered as many questions as it brought more questions to mind…and we still don’t know which agent will make the ultimate sacrifice!! From there, Kylan goes into an article about how the current line-up of ABC Marvel shows may be in trouble. Mike then shares and article about the changes being made to Universal’s Super Hero Island and what it can mean for Disney’s parks. With his insider’s knowledge it makes for an interesting discussion. From there, Kylan then shares a bit of news regarding the possibility of a Black Widow solo movie. The article is constructed around quotes from Kevin Feige, himself! Mike then breaks down a series of articles about the Russo brother’s plans for their next two Marvel movies. The discussion goes from title changes to if the heroes from the television universe will fit in. Kylan then closes out the news segment with a revelation from Sharon Stone about her place in the MCU.

The guys decided to mix things up a bit with Marvel Unlimited Book Club, too. Instead of three weeks, you’ll now have a whole month to read the book before discussing it on the show. Mike’s pick, Cloak and Dagger #1 (1983), is the basis for an upcoming series on Freeform. Kylan then revealed his pick for the month Captain America #337. From there Mike and Kylan go to the comic shop for their (POW) Picks of the Week!

Gwenpool #2

Darth Vader #20

All-New, All-Different Avengers #9

Ms. Marvel #7

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #5

Web Warriors #7

MMG Issue 117: Sho’nuff With Sanford Greene

Your intrepid trio invite Marvel artist Sanford Greene into the above-ground-under-water-volcano-lair this week to talk about his work and his time on one of Marvels newest books, Power Man and Iron Fist. They get the story of how he got on the book and the way that the creative team works together to give the book its unique flavor. He also shares who’s idea it was to put Luke Cage in a suit. From there he shares some of his early and modern day influences. Mike, Kylan, and Eric let the questions fly and Sanford answers all(well, almost all) in an easygoing manner that makes the interview flow effortlessly.

This week Eric chose the Marvel Unlimited Book of the week, Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 (1972). Sanford’s guest pick was Secret Wars(1984-1985). The guys then , as always, take us to the comic shop for their Picks of the Week!!

Gwenpool #0

True Believers: Droids #1

Howard the Duck #7

True Believers: Star Wars Classic #1

Daredevil/Punisher #1

Deadpool #1

Black Panther #2

Black Widow #3

Captain America: Sam Wilson #9